Spring Boot no main manifest attribute, in

You have created a ./target/<app>.jar and have tried to run it using java -jar <app>.jar yet receive a spring boot no main manifest attribute, in <app>.jar error.

Good thing is that this is really easy to solve!

You can generate your jar as follows instead:

mvn package spring-boot:repackage
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Or you could adjust your pom.xml so that you can generate your jar using a simple mvn package:

<plugin> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-maven-plugin</artifactId> <configuration> <mainClass>com.example.Main</mainClass> </configuration> <executions> <execution> <goals> <goal>repackage</goal> </goals> </execution> </executions> </plugin>
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Another option is to specify the following parent POM:

<parent> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-parent</artifactId> <version>2.1.4.RELEASE</version> </parent>
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