Website Overhaul

Is your website still living in the dark ages?

Has it stopped getting that valuable traffic it needs to survive?

There are so many sites already in existence that are discarded and left to just die out.

This is where we come in. We help “turn the lights back on” by tweaking these “has been” sites to make sure your website is seen in a new and improved way to win back your opposition’s clients.

Interested in Ajax-ing your site up a little?

The web is well on it’s way to version 3 (Web 3.0) and if your site does not make use of Javascript, Asynchronous transferring of data or any cool effects, then you need to take a look into the Ajax Approach. In this approach we try to see where a website can have more immediate functionality in it’s presentation. The front-end is always very important to your customers as that is the part they see and the view they have of your business, so we focus on getting this right to the tee every time.

Adding Functionality

Adding additional functionality to an already operating site can be difficult due to different server and programming run-times and code structures. We like to create everything in the perfect way so that everything can simply be “plugged in” and it immediately starts working as it should – totally independent of the application it is running on top of.

Website Overhaul Packages

Due to the nature of the way websites have been built over the years, each website has to be looked at from an individual light when thinking of “advancing it”. Taking into account the end goal while determining what can physically be tweaked on the site without creating any problems with the existing site’s framework or structure.

Some sites are fairly quick and easy to make large tweaks while others are not as easy and sometimes a complete redo is a better option.

Let us examine your website to determine how to best move forward and get more of an online presence your users deserve.