Web Development

Web Development is the glue that holds every website or web application together.

Without web development, websites would just be a bunch of images and text without any functionality or ability to perform actions.

Programming and Databases

We use multiple programming languages intertwined with custom database solutions to end up with a perfect development platform for your business’ applications. No two web applications are created in the exact same way because we try to look at the end product and not the complications in between. This helps us produce the very best quality product for you.

What we focus on

We focus on speed, performance, usability and security with everything we create. This way things run optimally and are as secure as possible leaving no room for hacking attempts or usual security breaches that tend to arise from custom software packages.

Need a CMS?

A CMS or “Content Management System” and allows any member of your staff to securely login to your website using a given username and password to add, modify or remove any content on your website or company portal without having to get a web developer to do it for you every-time.

If you have a website and you aren’t an HTML buff or you want to constantly update your website’s content without having to trawl through long pages of programming code, a CMS is for you!

We build bespoke solutions to meet your exact needs. That means creating your Content Management System from the ground up in sections making everything more stable and robust.

No other CMS Solution comes close to matching a bespoke system. Every object and element can be customized to better work for your process flow.

Modifying an existing system?

If your site is already in place we and you need it modified or require any features added, we can help you quite easily.

Our goal is to make web software work for your business, whether that be our own that we have created from the ground up or by means of modifying something that already exists.

What is a rich internet application?

Rich Internet Applications – also known as RIA – is quite a new concept and has been around since about March 2002 when Macromedia (now merged into Adobe) wrote a whitepaper about it detailing the idea as a web application that has many of the characteristics of a desktop application delivered by a browser plugin or using Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight or a similar Java based platform.