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Reported Attack Site!

What the heck is that?

So you’ve just visited a website using Mozilla Firefox and this message has popped up telling you that the site looks suspicious.

Usually the site has been marked as a possible virus containing website and Firefox will show you this message attempting to protect itself against Malware, Spyware or other forms of Viruses.

There are occasions when this is mearly a warning and not to be taken as concrete evidence of viruses or impending browser/computer doom!

Most of the time when faced with a message like this you will want to click “Get me out of here”, or you could ofcourse click “Why was this site blocked?” and read a little more information regarding this individual report. I often type the domain name into a search engine – i.e. Google – followed with “review” trailing the name to see if the site is valid or if it’s just something that’s been made to cause trouble.

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