Clear an array in Actionscript 3

I personally really like this way of clearing an array’s elements: Declare your array to use: Add elements: Clear the array:

BrainWHAT? programming language

I came across a programming language today that I have never heard of. Go take a look over here:

Share the mouse and keyboard!

A very interesting project I found this morning, take a look at this one!

What is CWS>+?

So what the heck kind of file starts with the characters “CWS>+” ? That would be a flash swf file!


So what the heck is “”? It appears to be a plugin for Vuze(Azureus) the torrent client. Filesize: 198.1 kB

16000 Limit!

Today I discovered that Flash truly has a limit! 16,000 frames: Exceeding this limit causes the movie playback to stop. While this limit is rarely… Read More »16000 Limit!

Flash Tweening

tween is an actionscript class and can be used after importing the core files. e.g.

Cant start your browser?

Cant start your browser?Try checking if any torrent apps are running.. Close them and retry.