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HP Pavilion Laptop Madness

I have got an HP laptop and have started experiencing problems with it starting up for the past few months, it is only about 1.5years old and is supposed to be a decent one.

It is an HP Pavilion dv9700 by the way..

Today the damn thing just didnt want to startup and eventually after trying every trick in the book I got it to boot into Degugging Mode in Windows Vista.. What a nightmare!!!!

During all this performance I noticed that on the casing it said it was a “HP Pavilion dv9000” and on the barcode/windows info it said it was a “dv9700”.

My battery now doesn’t want to charge and says “”plugged in, not charging” and is stuck on 3%..
While searching for information about this I found that there have been problems with certain versions of the batteries and HP has had a product recall, check it out here:

Do I have a dodgy machine on my hands or have others with this laptop experienced this too?

I think my next laptop will NOT be an HP at this rate.

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Andrew Odendaal
Andrew Odendaal
12 years ago

Today my battery is charging again… But for how long?
HP, I’m watching you!

12 years ago


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