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Hello, Name or World in Python

The challenge

Define a method hello that returns “Hello, Name!” to a given name, or says Hello, World! if name is not given (or passed as an empty String).

Assuming that name is a String and it checks for user typos to return a name with a first capital letter (Xxxx).


hello "john" => "Hello, John!" hello "aliCE" => "Hello, Alice!" hello => "Hello, World!" <em># name not given</em> hello "" => "Hello, World!" <em># name is an empty String</em>
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The solution in Python code

Option 1:

def hello(name=''): return f"Hello, {name.title() or 'World'}!"
Code language: Python (python)

Option 2:

def hello(name=''): return "Hello, {}!".format(name.title() if name else 'World')
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Option 3:

def hello(name = ""): nameNow = "" if name == "": return "Hello, World!" j = for i in name: if j == : temp1 = i.upper() nameNow = nameNow + temp1 j += 1 pass else: temp1 = i.lower() nameNow = nameNow + temp1 pass pass return "Hello, " + nameNow + "!" pass
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Test cases to validate our solution

import test from solution import hello @test.describe("Fixed Tests") def fixed_tests():'Basic Test Cases') def basic_test_cases(): tests = ( ("John", "Hello, John!"), ("aLIce", "Hello, Alice!"), ("", "Hello, World!"), ) for inp, exp in tests: test.assert_equals(hello(inp), exp) test.assert_equals(hello(), "Hello, World!") @test.describe("Random Tests") def random_tests(): from random import randint, choice NAMES = [ "James", "Christopher", "Ronald", "Mary", "Lisa", "Michelle", "John", "Daniel", "Anthony", "Patricia", "Nancy", "Laura", "Robert", "Paul", "Kevin", "Linda", "Karen", "Sarah", "Michael", "Mark", "Jason", "Barbara", "Betty", "Kimberly", "William", "Donald", "Jeff", "Elizabeth", "Helen", "Deborah", "David", "George", "Jennifer", "Sandra", "Richard", "Kenneth", "Maria", "Donna", "Charles", "Steven", "Susan", "Carol", "Joseph", "Edward", "Margaret", "Ruth", "Thomas", "Brian", "Dorothy", "Sharon", "" ] def create_test_case(): return "".join(c.lower() if randint(, 200) % 3 else c.upper() for c in choice(NAMES)) reference = lambda n='', d='World': "Hello, %s!" % (n or d).title() for _ in range(100): test_case = create_test_case()"testing for hello({test_case})") def test_case(): test.assert_equals(hello(test_case), reference(test_case))
Code language: Python (python)

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