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Font Awesome Brand Icons

Font Awesome is a fantastic CSS enhancement library that lets you show vector icons instead of having to use images yourself.

Instead of worrying about getting brand’s icons and keeping them up to date, you can simply rely on Font Awesome’s already made, tried and tested icons on your website or web application.

It’s really easy to get started with Font Awesome, if this is all new to you. Simply include or in your HTML page and then use one of the below icons wherever you need them by doing the following <i class="fa fa-github"></i>.

The table below shows all Font Awesome Brand icons that you could ever need.

Icon Description Brand / Company
fa fa-500px 500px
fa fa-amazon Amazon
fa fa-adn ADN
fa fa-android Android
fa fa-angellist Angellist
fa fa-apple Apple
fa fa-bandcamp Bandcamp
fa fa-behance Behance
fa fa-behance-square Behance
fa fa-bitbucket Bitbucket
fa fa-bitbucket-square Bitbucket
fa fa-bitcoin Bitcoin
fa fa-black-tie Black-tie
fa fa-bluetooth Bluetooth
fa fa-bluetooth-b Bluetooth-b
fa fa-btc BTC
fa fa-buysellads Buysellads
fa fa-cc-amex Amex
fa fa-cc-diners-club Diners Club
fa fa-cc-mastercard Mastercard
fa fa-cc-paypal Paypal
fa fa-cc-stripe Stripe
fa fa-cc-visa Visa
fa fa-chrome Chrome
fa fa-codepen Codepen
fa fa-codiepie Codiepie
fa fa-connectdevelop ConnectDevelop
fa fa-contao Contao
fa fa-css3 CSS3
fa fa-dashcube Dashcube
fa fa-delicious Delicious
fa fa-deviantart DeviantArt
fa fa-digg Digg
fa fa-dribbble Dribbble
fa fa-dropbox Dropbox
fa fa-drupal Drupal
fa fa-edge Edge
fa fa-eercast Eercast
fa fa-empire Empire
fa fa-envira Envira
fa fa-etsy Etsy
fa fa-expeditedssl ExpeditedSSL
fa fa-fa FA
fa fa-facebook Facebook
fa fa-facebook-f Facebook
fa fa-facebook-official Facebook Official
fa fa-facebook-square Facebook
fa fa-firefox Firefox
fa fa-first-order First Order
fa fa-flickr Flickr
fa fa-fonticons Fonticons
fa fa-font-awesome Font Awesome
fa fa-fort-awesome Fort Awesome
fa fa-forumbee Forumbee
fa fa-foursquare Foursquare
fa fa-free-code-camp Free Code Camp
fa fa-ge GE
fa fa-get-pocket Get Pocket
fa fa-gg GG
fa fa-gg-circle GG
fa fa-git Git
fa fa-git-square Git
fa fa-github Github
fa fa-github-alt Github
fa fa-github-square Github
fa fa-gitlab Gitlab
fa fa-gittip Gittip
fa fa-glide Glide
fa fa-glide-g Glide
fa fa-google Google
fa fa-google-plus Google Plus
fa fa-google-plus-circle Google Plus
fa fa-google-plus-official Google Plus Official
fa fa-google-plus-square Foogle Plus
fa fa-google-wallet Google Wallet
fa fa-gratipay Gratipay
fa fa-grav Grav
fa fa-hacker-news Hacker News
fa fa-houzz Houzz
fa fa-html5 HTML5
fa fa-imdb IMDB
fa fa-instagram Instagram
fa fa-internet-explorer Internet Explorer
fa fa-ioxhost IOXHost
fa fa-joomla Joomla
fa fa-jsfiddle JSFiddle
fa fa-lastfm LastFM
fa fa-lastfm-square LastFM
fa fa-leanpub Leanpub
fa fa-linkedin Linkedin
fa fa-linkedin-square Linkedin
fa fa-linode Linode
fa fa-linux Linux
fa fa-maxcdn MaxCDN
fa fa-meanpath Meanpath
fa fa-medium Medium
fa fa-meetup Meetup
fa fa-mixcloud Mixcloud
fa fa-modx Modx
fa fa-odnoklassniki Odnoklassniki
fa fa-odnoklassniki-square Odnoklassniki
fa fa-opencart Opencart
fa fa-openid Openid
fa fa-opera Opera
fa fa-optin-monster Optin Monster
fa fa-pagelines Pagelines
fa fa-paypal Paypal
fa fa-pied-piper Pied Piper
fa fa-pied-piper-alt Pied Piper
fa fa-pinterest Pinterest
fa fa-pinterest-p Pinterest
fa fa-pinterest-square Pinterest
fa fa-product-hunt Product Hunt
fa fa-qq QQ
fa fa-quora Quora
fa fa-ra RA
fa fa-ravelry Ravelry
fa fa-rebel Rebel
fa fa-reddit Reddit
fa fa-reddit-alien Reddit Alien
fa fa-reddit-square Reddit
fa fa-renren RenRen
fa fa-safari Safari
fa fa-scribd Scribd
fa fa-sellsy Sellsy
fa fa-share-alt Share
fa fa-share-alt-square Share
fa fa-shirtsinbulk ShirtsInBulk
fa fa-snapchat Snapchat
fa fa-snapchat-square Snapchat
fa fa-simplybuilt SimplyBuilt
fa fa-skyatlas SkyAtlas
fa fa-skype Skype
fa fa-slack Slack
fa fa-slideshare Slideshare
fa fa-soundcloud Soundcloud
fa fa-spotify Spotify
fa fa-stack-exchange Stack Exchange
fa fa-stack-overflow Stack Overflow
fa fa-steam Steam
fa fa-steam-square Steam
fa fa-stumbleupon Stumbleupon
fa fa-stumbleupon-circle Stumbleupon
fa fa-superpowers Superpowers
fa fa-telegram Telegram
fa fa-tencent-weibo Tencent Weibo
fa fa-themeisle Themeisle
fa fa-trello Trello
fa fa-tripadvisor Tripadvisor
fa fa-tumblr Tumblr
fa fa-tumblr-square Tumblr
fa fa-twitch Twitch
fa fa-twitter Twitter
fa fa-twitter-square Twitter
fa fa-usb USB
fa fa-viacoin Viacoin
fa fa-viadeo Viadeo
fa fa-viadeo-square Viadeo
fa fa-vimeo Vimeo
fa fa-vimeo-square Vimeo
fa fa-vine Vine
fa fa-vk VK
fa fa-wechat Wechat
fa fa-weibo Weibo
fa fa-weixin Weixin
fa fa-whatsapp Whatsapp
fa fa-wikipedia-w Wikipedia
fa fa-windows Windows
fa fa-wordpress WordPress
fa fa-wpbeginner WPBeginner
fa fa-wpexplorer WPExplorer
fa fa-wpforms WPForms
fa fa-xing Xing
fa fa-xing-square Xing
fa fa-y-combinator Y Combinator
fa fa-yahoo Yahoo
fa fa-yelp Yelp
fa fa-yc YC
fa fa-yoast Yoast
fa fa-youtube Youtube
fa fa-youtube-play Youtube Play
fa fa-youtube-square Youtube

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