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When a customer visits your business, you need to make sure they get what they are looking for.
We provide all the tools for your online business to succeed online.

Video Playback

See what your visitors are doing

Visitor Chat

Chat directly to your visitors

Track Errors

Make sure all errors are caught, not just in development

Track Downloads

Get real statistics on what files get downloaded

Automatic Ajax Tracking

No complicated integrations, everything is automatic

Goal Notifications

Get alerted when goals are triggered

Visitor Identification

Tag visitors to your site

SSL Tracking

Every site has full SSL

Realtime Monitoring

Every action that occurs on your website is tracked as it happens so that you don’t miss a single thing, ever.

Simple Setup

It couldn’t be easier to start using Statvoo, just add a site and you’re off.

Visitor Playback

Record and playback a video of exactly what a visitor did while they were on your website.

Visitor Interaction

Interact with your data by tagging people who perform specific actions on your website.

Chat with Site Visitors

Using Statvoo you are able to chat directly with real people on your website.

Automatic Ajax Tracking

No need for complicated integrations into your web applications, everything is done automatically.

Trending Reports

Statvoo reports are feature rich and you don’t need to setup anything anywhere, ever.

Goal Notifications

Get alerted when goals are triggered, we have quite a few ways to keep you in the loop.

Visitor Identification

Remember exactly who a website visitor is the next time they are around, or whenever they use a particular feature of your web application.

User Management

Allow other’s to view and manage your analytics data at different permission levels. Great for teams.

Web Application Integration

Integrate directly into your web applications, trigger events and log user journeys directly to your accounts.

Track Errors

Track all javascript errors that occur while visitors are using your site.

Track Downloads

Get real statistics on what files get downloaded without any additional integration from your side.

SSL Tracking

Every site has full access to SSL tracking capabilities.

Uptime Monitoring

Get reports of when your site is down and how often it has been down. (Great for working out Uptime guarantees)

Feature Requests

Send us your feature requests so that we can make Statvoo work the way you want it to.