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Convert URL String into a Javascript Object

Sometimes you find yourself with a String, something like and you want to repeatably access elements of it correctly.

Let’s say that you want to only get the origin of a URL, or maybe the host, or even protocol, how would you do this?

The URL object

Javascript brings you the URL object, which allows you to instantiate it with a string, and optionally a base to work from.

new URL(url, [base])
Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

By using this object, you can achieve all of this very easily.

new URL("") /* URL { hash: "" host: "" hostname: "" href: "" origin: "" password: "" pathname: "/convert-url-string-into-a-javascript-object" port: "" protocol: "https:" search: "" searchParams: URLSearchParams {} username: "" } */
Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

Notice all the useful object keys we can now easily refer to,

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