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Common AWS CDK CLI Commands

The AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) comes with numerous CLI commands.

cdk list (ls)Lists the stacks in the application
cdk synthesize (synth)Synthesizes and prints the AWS CloudFormation template for the specified stack or stacks 
cdk bootstrapDeploys the AWS CDK Toolkit stack, required to deploy stacks containing assets
cdk deployDeploys the specified stacks
cdk destroyDestroys the specified stacks
cdk diffCompares the specified stack with the deployed stack or a local AWS CloudFormation template
cdk metadataDisplays metadata about the specified stack
cdk initCreates a new AWS CDK project in the current directory from a specified template
cdk contextManages cached context values
cdk docs (doc)Opens the AWS CDK API reference in your browser
cdk doctorChecks your AWS CDK project for potential problems

Learn more about AWS CDK here, or read the Official Guides here.

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